What Happens If You Eat Raw Sausage?

Eating raw meat and fish is sometimes customary in certain cultures when prepared the correct way. However, what happens if you eat raw sausage, and how big are the associated risks of it? About 22% of foodborne illness cases come from ill-prepared meats (such as sausages). If you eat raw sausage, you run the risk of getting a foodborne illness or bacterial infection such as E. coli, trichinosis, botulism, or Hepatitis A, among others.  If [...]

Do Vienna Sausages Need To Be Refrigerated?

Vienna sausages are a popular canned snack food. They are typically made with beef, pork, and chicken. While they are tasty and work well with a variety of meals, you may not know exactly how to store them. Are they shelf stable? Do you need refrigerate them? Vienna sausages only need to be refrigerated after they are opened. Because they are a commercially-canned item, they can be stored on shelves until they are opened. The [...]

What To Do If You Accidentally Consume Plastic Sausage Casing

You slice a big piece of your favorite summer sausage and take a bite. You chew, swallow, and then it hits you. I forgot to remove the plastic casing from the sausage! But don't worry, consuming a small amount of the plastic casing from sausages isn't likely to do permanent damage. In this article, we will discuss which kinds of sausage casings are edible and which ones you should remove. If you accidentally consume plastic [...]

How To Make Delicious Cevapi in 5 Simple Steps

Cevapi are cylinder-shaped sausages, popular in Southeast Europe, especially Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, and Bulgaria. They provide a burst of smoky flavor and are delicious served with sliced onions and flatbread. Also known as Serbian sausages or cevapcici, they have a long history and originate from the Ottoman Empire in the Balkans. These sausages come from a mixture of meats including lamb, pork, and beef. This is useful for helping the sausage hold its shape and [...]

How to Grind Meat Like a Boss | Make Your Own Ground Meat

Back in the day before supermarkets, grinding meat at home was extremely common. Now it seems to have been put in the too hard basket. A challenging activity best left for butchers and food geeks - the type that have to DIY everything. The fact is, some food preparation is best left to the professionals but when it comes to meat grinding, that's not one of them. It's surprising how simple the process is [...]

How to Build a Homemade Sausage Smoker: Step By Step

You might not know it but building a sausage smoker is pretty simple. Using just a few things that you might have laying around your house, you can construct a mean smoking machine, cooking up sausages with flavors that you can’t imagine. You can build a homemade sausage smoker in just a few simple steps using things like clay pots, trashcans, and even an old file cabinet. All you need is a closed space, a [...]

How To Make Botifarra Sausage for Beginners

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to visit Catalonia, you’ll know their local chefs have a superpower. The ability to turn simple ingredients into a masterpiece. They rely heavily on local Mediterranean ingredients, including tomato, garlic, eggplant, fish, cheese, and olive oil. But if there’s one ingredient that’s revered by the locals, it would have to be botifarra (butifarra), a type of pork sausage stuffed in hog casing. You can prepare it by using [...]

9 Best Meat Grinders for 2023 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

A meat grinder is one of those kitchen appliances that often gets overlooked as an unnecessary space filler. After all, it's easy to pop down to the store and buy ground meat that's ready to cook. For those of us that grind our own meat, we've discovered that the opposite is true. Their meat grinder has become an indispensable item that plays a key role in their kitchen. It provides incredibly [...]

How to Avoid Tough Skin When Smoking Chicken [Solved]

If you're looking to up your barbecue game, smoking meat is the way to go. Smoking food can take an ordinary dish and transform it into something outstanding. Smoked chicken is one of the most delicious foods you can eat--but if you don't do it right, you'll end up with tough, rubbery skin that is practically inedible. To avoid tough skin when smoking chicken, be sure to let the skin dry out in the fridge [...]

Is Chinese Sausage Keto Friendly?

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘sausage’? Long links of pork, beef, and veal flavored with salt, pepper, garlic, and other herbs? Kielbasas, bratwurst, and andouille? While these are some of the most common European sausages, Chinese have also made sausages for centuries. But how do the Chinese variety compare to European sausages in terms of carb content? Although no two brands are exactly the same, most Chinese sausages contain added [...]

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