How to Prevent Sausage Skins from Bursting (Best Tips & Practices)

Sausage skins will split when they are cooked for several reasons, including too much water in the filling, the sausages being stuffed too much, and the frying pan being too hot. Read on to find out why sausage skins will burst when cooked, the science behind it, and how to prevent it from happening. Why Do Sausage Skins Burst When Cooking? There are a couple of different reasons sausage skins will burst when cooking. [...]

8 Best Sausage Making Books – Top Picks for 2023

Making fresh, quality foods from home has become a popular trend throughout the years, leaving millions of people looking for cookbooks that not only provide them with outstanding recipes but also show them how to prepare the food. One popular item home chefs are interested in is fresh homemade sausage. If you are looking for great sausage-making books, we compiled a list of eight quality options for you to choose from. In this article, [...]

How To Make Capicola

Capicola is a type of Italian meat that is covered in spices and dry-cured. It is renowned for its strong, spicy flavor, typical for many kinds of charcuterie originating from Europe. But what we love about this meat is its succulent texture. Ribbons of fat provide a lovely buttery mouthfeel that balances the spices perfectly. Unlike prosciutto, which some find chewy, capicola is much easier to eat. Ideal on an antipasto platter, in subs, [...]

How To Make Toulouse Sausage

If you’ve ever ventured to the Southwest of France, you may have been lucky enough to visit the city of Toulouse; a location that’s steeped in history. Although it is a beautiful place to visit, with many sites to see, it’s own version of the humble sausage is what I love about it. The Toulouse sausage is known locally as the saucisse de Toulouse and is well worth trying. Stores make it in abundance, [...]

How To Make Chinese Sausage

Chinese sausage can look and taste different depending on which region of China the recipe originates from. A popular type of Asian sausage is lap cheong or lap chong: a thin, hard, wrinkled looking, dried sausage traditionally made from pork meat with high levels of fat. Seasoning is added to provide a sweet flavor to the meat that is unique to sausages made in other parts of the world. Did you know? Lap cheong [...]

How To Make Bloedworst AKA Blood Sausage

In most parts of the world bloedworst isn't a sought after protein. However, there are some that swear by this sausage thanks to its unique flavor and texture. Bloedworst doesn't have the usual texture you expect from a sausage, it's softer and easier to bite into. Bloedwurst goes by a range of names including bloedwurst, boudin noir and  blutwurst. Translated to English it means blood sausage, and yes, it's made from blood. Toss in [...]

10 Best Butcher Knives for 2023 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

There’s something special about owning a high quality butcher knife. Imagine having the ability to take a beast and chop it into meal-sized cuts like you see in supermarkets. Butchery is a handy skill to have, but you'll need the right knife to get the job done. Whether you need a butcher’s knife for home or commercial use, you’re going to need a quality tool. When we think of butchers [...]

How To Make Sujuk | Spicy Turkish Sausage

Sujuk, also known as sucuk, is the Turkish version of Italian salami. It is a spicy, dry sausage that's usually made with beef, garlic, sumac, and red pepper.  Sujuk has a long history. It is believed to have been invented in Turkey around 1000BC although the exact date is unknown. If you'd like to find out more about some of the oldest sausage in the world be sure to check out my article which [...]

How to Make Jaternice & What To Serve With It

Jaternice, also known as hurka, is Czech sausage made from pork meat, offal and cooked rice. Traditionally, Jaternice was made during zabíjačka, an annual event that revolved around slaughtering a pig. However, Jaternice can be made at any time of year and it doesn't even need to be made into sausage. Using the recipe below, you can also be prepared made into a porridge that is delicious fried and then served with vegetables - [...]

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