How to Make Sai Oua – Spicy Thai Sausage

Northern Thai Sausage (AKA Sai Oua) is a pork sausage originating from the mountains of Chiang Mai. It's a popular snack throughout Thailand, Burma and Laos and has a burst of flavor from the inclusion of hot, spicy seasoning combining with the freshness of lemongrass. Sai Oua is a vibrant looking sausage thanks to it's herbs and spices. To make an authentic version, you don't want  to grind the spices too finely - they're what [...]

How to Make Cumberland Sausage

If there's one thing the Brits know, it's sausage. They're a favorite dish for many in the U.K. and that has led to a wide variety of delicious flavors. As you have probably already guessed, Cumberland sausage heralds from Cumberland in England. They've been making them since the 1500's - plenty of time to perfect the taste! Cumberland sausage is a favorite here at Italian Barrel. Thanks to its high pork content you get [...]

How to Make Merguez

Making homemade Merguez is well worth the effort. This sausage originated from North Africa and it's characteristic red meat is bursting with flavor thanks to some heavy seasoning. Centuries ago, Merguez was made with lamb and then dried. This offered a portable source of protein that could withstand the warm temperatures. For extra reading, check out my article on the history of sausage, which includes Merguez. If you crave all things hot, add a teaspoon [...]

How to Make Kabanosy | Recipe Plus Extra Tips and Useful Info

Kabanosy is a hugely popular Polish sausage. Many would argue it's the best stick of meat you can eat. Its popularity has been maintained over the decades thanks to its hearty, warm, full-of-flavour characteristics. It also has an impressive shelf life in ambient conditions, thanks to it's drying process. The name, Kabanosy, stems from the nickname "kabanek" which is given to a fat pig still in its infancy. Interesting, considering that this sausage is [...]

Sausage Making Glossary | Learn the Lingo Like an Expert

Take your knowledge of sausage making to a new level by learning the lingo. This sausage glossary has all the commonly used buzz-words used in meat processing as well as a huge selection of sausage types. Auger A meat grinder component that is shaped like a corkscrew. It is designed to assist with moving the meat  through the grinder. Bacon Hanger A tool that looks like the end of a rake. It is used [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Italian Sausage | Includes Illustrated Steps

Everything you've ever wanted to know about Italian sausage. On one page. So you want to learn how to make Italian sausage, or salsiccia as they call it in Italy? Great idea. It's hard to beat the delicious taste and texture of a homemade sausage. This isn't your average how-to guide. The is the ultimate illustrated guide! With this page, you're armed and ready to dive into making Italian sausage. Let's [...]

Who Invented Sausage? | Key Breakthroughs in History

We cover the big issues here at Italian Barrel - answering questions like who invented sausage is our specialty. Face it, you want to know the answer don't you? Many parts of the world are obsessed with their version of sausage. There are so many variations that, for this article, we'll define a sausage as "a long, cylinder shaped meat product encased in a skin". The meat could come from anything including pork, veal, [...]

How to Pair Sausage with Beer Like a German God

In the garden of Eden, beer and sausage walk hand in hand. They are a happy match of salt, fat, hops, and sweet notes all rolled into one meal. There’s a good reason that over 140,000 pork sausage pairs are sold at Oktoberfest each year. It tastes good. Did you know that some combinations of beer and sausage work better than others? It’s not that we think there are bad combinations [...]

How to Make Sausage Gravy – Southern Style | Authentic Recipe

Sausage gravy is one of those comfort foods that is surprisingly easy to make. It's a classic Southern dish served up for breakfast with buttermilk biscuits. The meal really isn't complete without eggs, bacon, fried up potatoes and sautéed spinach. It's not the healthiest breakfast you can put into your body. But hey, we won't tell anyone. Everything in moderation right? Follow this recipe to make silky smooth, melt in your mouth breakfast fare. [...]

A Guide to Sausage Seasoning

Seasoning is king. When you decide to make sausage from scratch, choosing the right mix of flavors can mean the difference between a memorable meat experience and a frustrating food flop. You'll find loads of sausage recipes in books and online. I find they're a great starting point but don't be afraid to give each recipe your own special twist. Once you've combined your meat with herbs and spices, the next [...]

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