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How to Make Merguez

Making homemade Merguez is well worth the effort. This sausage originated from North Africa and it's characteristic red meat is bursting with flavour thanks to some heavy seasoning. Centuries ago, Merguez was made with lamb and then dried. This offered a portable source of protein that could withstand the warm temperatures. For extra reading, check out my article on the history of sausage, which includes Merguez. If you crave all things hot, add a teaspoon of sumac [...]

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How to Make Kabanosy

Kabanosy is a hugely popular Polish sausage. Many would argue it's the best stick of meat you can eat. Its popularity has been maintained over the decades thanks to its hearty, warm, full-of-flavour characteristics. It also has an impressive shelf life in ambient conditions thanks to it's drying process. The name, Kabanosy, stems from the nickname "kabanek" which is given to a fat pig still in its infancy. Interesting, considering that this sausage is actually [...]

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How to Make Bratwurst

The Bratwurst is a very popular German sausage that dates back to the early 1300's. This type of sausage is heavily seasoned so it packs a flavour punch. The loose translation of this sausage is: a fresh, fine chopped sausage that is made to be fried. As you can imagine, there are loads of ingredients that could be used to meet this definition so a Bratwurst can come in many forms. Pork is the most [...]

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How to Make Weisswurst

The aptly named, Weisswurst, is a distinctive white sausage that originates from Bavaria, Germany. They may not be the best looking sausage out there, but they make up for that will a lovely mild flavour. In Europe, these sausages are traditionally eaten for breakfast or a mid-morning snack. In Bavaria this is a strong tradition that started back in the early 1800s. But they are a fantastic sausage to eat at any time of the [...]

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How to Make Chorizo

It's hard to resist the allure of homemade chorizo. Is it the taste or the knowledge that it takes several days to make them? There is an art to making traditional chorizos and the best way to master it, like anything, is to roll up your sleeves and start making some. Chorizos originate from Spain and are made from pork meat. In many parts of the world, the meat is smoked or cured so it [...]

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How to Make Bockwurst

Wurst means sausage. Bock means goat. So loosely translated, Bockwurst means goat sausage. Hang on, that makes no sense? This German sausage is traditionally made from a combination of veal and pork. The Bockwurst is bursting with flavour thanks to the addition of parsley, chives and paprika. It is best to use kosher salt in this recipe. If you decide to use table salt reduce the quantity by av 1/4 teaspoon as it is a [...]

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